A Year of Changes

The past 12 months has been a year of significant changes for my career and our family lifestyle. Early December of 2101 I decided to quit my career of 17 years (rather abruptly) and devote all of my time and energy to the business I share with my husband. Leaving a steady paycheck for the unsure path of self employment was not an easy or stress free decision but looking back I can say with 100% certainty the decision was entirely right for me and Ron and our children. We have managed to grow our construction business 10 fold in the past 12 years and our quality of life has been changed dramatically for the better as well. We are able to be home for our children when we need to and work the business around family commitments. Small business ownership is not easy but the career I left behind was not easy either.

Around that same time (as if one life changing decision is not enough) Ron and I also decided to start a salvage and resale business with my parents. The idea was born from one specific project where we were able to rescue truckloads of items from a building being demolished and save them from certain death at the landfill. Over the past 12 months our little warehouse and online business has been welcomed in the community with open arms. Northeast Ohio (and throughout the country online) has been tremendously supportive of our adventure and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

With four children and a new puppy in the house you can imagine that this year has indeed been busy but we wouldn’t want it any other way. With the unending support of my husband I was able to take several leaps of faith this past year and the life I lead now if so very worth it. They say that once you find your passion that you will never “go to work” everyday and that is very true for me and Ron. I’m sure things will continue to grow and change for us but if this past year is any indication of what is to come then bring it on!

Many thanks to the loyal shoppers that continue to come in and love our junk! To those that haven’t yet made your way to the “dark side” of decorating with junk, please join this crazy trip….you will be amazed at what we find. #gojunk!

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