Film Reel Lights

A customer of ours stopped into the warehouse a couple of weeks ago and dropped off some outdoor light fixtures that they thought we could use. The box sat for a week or so and Janice and Doug took them home and worked some magic. They paired the black sconce light with a vintage film reel for a one of a kind wall sconce.

Not be outdone, I took two vintage film reels and attached them a base that we scored from a lamp store and viola! super cute table lamp for a movie/rec room.

Janice and Doug got back at it again an made a pendant light out of the other vintage film reel we had in the warehouse. You’ll have to stop by and check that one out at the shop. All of these fixtures were very easy to create using some imagination, inspiration and a few vintage items we had laying around. Get some some and go try it yourself! #GoJunk!


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