I Hold On

If you are a picker or collector or lover of home decor then most likely you hold on to certain items when you find them. Me? I hold on to ladders for sure. This one is from my husband’s father and was in two pieces. This is the longer piece and the hubs hung it on the wall for me to make an unusual display.

I have a steel ladder that I rescued from my old high school that was used for roof access that now leans in the corner of my dining room as a stocking holder for the holidays. I have a ladder out on the patio that I decorate seasonally. If that’s not enough, we have stockpiled many shapes and sizes of ladders at the warehouse. My pickers know that anytime they come across wood ladders to bring them my way. There are endless options for using these and since many people throw wood ladders by the wayside for metal ladders they are a cheap and easy to find accessory. I have a friend that has decorated an a frame ladder as their Christmas tree and it is amazing. What do you hold on to? #iholdon #gojunk!

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