Just Junkin Around in Wayne County

One of our first few team picks was a former airplane hangar at the University of Akron Wayne Campus. This was a storage facility at the university from the now defunct aviation program. The plan for the vacant building was demolition to make way for a new grand entrance to the campus. I toured the building while it was full of contents prior to demolition and noticed all of the good junk that I needed to have. Items such as electric insulators, doors, windows, old farmhouse furniture and machinery. These items came from the demolition of the old farm on the site. We purchased the salvage rights for these items from the demolition contractor and got to pickin. This is my first attempt at shooting some video during a pick. You’ll see the piles of treasures and some of our crew getting down and dirty. Generally we go in with a plan and divide and conquer. Just click on the video title below and enjoy! Go Junk!

Wayne County Ohio pick

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