Ask any of my immediate family members and they will tell you that I was born for this new career path of salvage and junk collecting. They tell me that when I was growing up I would clean out the garage on a regular basis, taking everything out and putting it all back again. My two sisters with whom I shared a bedroom will also tell you that I was constantly re-arranging our room to their dismay. How could I have caused any grief for them when I was this cute???

As I have been feeling very grateful lately about how my second career has been coming along, it occurred to me that my life has reverted back to collecting, packing the truck, unpacking the truck, organizing one of our many warehouses and driving my family crazy again.

After having a career in the environmental field for 16+ years, building demolition and salvage comes naturally and is a great way to spend my days. If you had a magic wand and could pursue any dream in your mind what would it be? #gojunk!

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