Since You Asked…

Many of you have asked where find our junk so I will share a little bit of the behind the scenes about our crew and projects. Our sister company, Maximus Consulting, performs building demolition throughout the state of Ohio. Maximus is mainly working on residential structures that have fallen into disrepair and/or have been abandoned by the property owners.

Our crew mobilizes to the site and salvages any building contents we can re-use and all architectural items of use such as doors, windows, porch posts, moldings, banisters, wood trim, door hardware, etc. Oftentimes we see a building that has been vacant for years and arrange with the property owners to salvage the structure. This is most often at a price, but always worth it. This one was right next door to our warehouse.

My picker crew went in here….with the raccoons and other critters….

and came out with some amazing junk. These two would not let me leave the rusty safe on the property so they moved it down the street for me…

These are a couple sources for our junk in addition to our wonderful pickers that bring us goodies and side of the road scores. After the junk lands at the warehouse the fun begins…..more on that later. Where do you find your junk??? #gojunk

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