Sometimes the Hubs Cooperates

There is a secret that I need to share about my husband. He indulges just about every whim I have whether it’s redecorating every room in the house once a year or constantly asking him to move furniture for me but there is one thing that he is totally embarrassed to do, pick “trash” off the tree lawn. I know, I know, how could I have married such a flawed man, but alas I did and now it’s my cross to bear. We are usually out and about together in the car and it never fails that I see something I want to rescue and he scowls and refuses to help me load it up. I have gone along with his quirk in this area until about a month ago when I saw the cutest headboard and footboard combo in someones trash. He wouldn’t let me stop but told me I could go back by myself if I wanted…..I stewed about it for about an hour and low and behold, he decided he’d go with me and load it up! I don’t have a before photo, but here is the after photo of what mom and dad made with the trash I brought home.

So this piece turned out so well that this morning when I was driving to the warehouse and spotted these beauties along a side street in Grand River I had to go back home and make him come with me and load them up. I tried by myself by they are WAY heavy and solid. He was a trooper about it (mainly because no one was around to see him on this secluded street) and made two trips to the warehouse with me to get them to their new home with us.

He begrudgingly agreed that these are very cool finds for the tree lawn. Have I converted him? What should be do with these babies? I’m thinking clean them up and upholster the doors and sell as is? they are so cute, thanks Grand River neighbor. #Gojunk

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