French laundry Inspired Hamper

The inspiration for this item came from Since renovating our laundry room recently, I decided that I needed a couple of these to hold the mounds of laundry generated by my people on a daily basis. When we were done, Ron decided that we needed about six more, but two will have to do for now. Here is how we made these hampers…

We purchased the round wood bases at Lowes for about $7 each. The caster wheels also came from Lowes and they are only $1.50 or so each depending on the size you select. We first attached the caster wheels to the base

Next we purchased fencing on the roll at Lowes. This was the expensive part of the project and your have several types to choose from. Next time I would purchase a smaller, tighter design, but this one worked fine also. The price depends on the size of the roll you purchase. We rolled out a section and cut it to fit the diameter of the wood round with about a two inch overlap.

Overlap the two ends and wrap one end through the other to secure. For safety sake I would recommend tucking in the raw wire edges and maybe even wrapping them with fabric or ribbon. Since I’m the only one in the house (besides the sitter) that uses these hampers I just take care not to poke myself. After the sides are secured, we wrapped the bottom edge under the wood round and secure with washers and screws. I would suggest about six screws around the bottom to make it sturdy.

The last step is to hang the canvas bag inside. I found this one at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10.

I love the finished project and it works well for what I wanted in that room.

Someday I’ll finish the flooring in this room and post the before and after! Happy DIY..

A true collaboration

The foundation of our shop is a true collaboration between everyone involved. This awesome coffee table was crafted by wood picked by Amy from a demolition site, crafted by Doug and finished off with a distressed treatment by Janice.

Love this piece and the idea that this wood was rescued from demolition and will have a new home in someones house. Happy picking!

Doug’s Workshop

So we have moved into a 2,000 square foot warehouse in Grand River as some of you may know from visiting us. The usable square footage for our awesome items is actually about half that size since Doug moved in and set up shop! He has tricked out his “shop” with his own gigantic work table, storage area and soon to be installed shelving. I love that he has a place to spread out and create his handmade items, but…Janice and I are getting squeezed out! I am stuck in the corner with no heat and poor Janice getting pushed further and further towards the far corner. Maybe that’s his ultimate plan? This workshop comes complete with a padded stool so he can take a break anytime. The good part about all of this is that Doug can produce some awesome handmade pieces on site. This item was whipped up yesterday by Doug and finished off by Janice. A great team (most of the time:).

This dark stained wine rack holds up to five bottles of vino and would look great in any decor. I guess a good workshop space is they key to making these awesome items.

New Hours – New Items

This week brings some changes to the operations at City Salvage and Design. We have established open shop hours every Saturday from 3:00-8:00 and always open by appointment. We hope these regular hours will bring by some people to visit the shop while out and about shopping. In addition, this month will bring some awesome new items coming from some residential picks and school demolition sites. Here are few sneak peaks of the items that we have processed so far, a couple more truckloads yet to be inventoried. This sweet little chippy chair could work in so many places; garden, front porch, dining room, mud room..the possibilities are endless.

This awesome four foot round dining table has a great patina just like it is or we can add a custom color if your choice for an extra fee.

These are just a few of the items that we got in last week. Come by to check out the rest. More items will be processed each day. Don’t miss out on these goodies. You cant buy this kind of stuff at Target! (although I do love Target and just bought some throw pillows there this weekend!).