We are in the process of moving some rooms around here in order to get the girlies into a larger room for all of their treasures. Of course this means that I need to re-do the room that they are moving into which was our master bedroom and walk in closet. As we are in the throws of painting and moving them in I cant help but wonder about these beautifully photographed kids rooms I see all over the web and specifically Pinterest. My girls have always had a very cute space to live in and share together but along with them comes all of their treasures. When people post these pictures of done up rooms where is all the stuff? I have struggled with managing the stuff that comes along with my creative children but I have just decided that these items, books, dolls, toys, trinkets and such all make my girls who they are and I love that. So, when we finish this massive house re-arrange, I will post some photos but they will be real photos, not staged for Pinterest. Phew. I feel better about that. We are real people with stuff! Pictures soon if I ever get the room done.