Sometimes the Hubs Cooperates

There is a secret that I need to share about my husband. He indulges just about every whim I have whether it’s redecorating every room in the house once a year or constantly asking him to move furniture for me but there is one thing that he is totally embarrassed to do, pick “trash” off the tree lawn. I know, I know, how could I have married such a flawed man, but alas I did and now it’s my cross to bear. We are usually out and about together in the car and it never fails that I see something I want to rescue and he scowls and refuses to help me load it up. I have gone along with his quirk in this area until about a month ago when I saw the cutest headboard and footboard combo in someones trash. He wouldn’t let me stop but told me I could go back by myself if I wanted…..I stewed about it for about an hour and low and behold, he decided he’d go with me and load it up! I don’t have a before photo, but here is the after photo of what mom and dad made with the trash I brought home.

So this piece turned out so well that this morning when I was driving to the warehouse and spotted these beauties along a side street in Grand River I had to go back home and make him come with me and load them up. I tried by myself by they are WAY heavy and solid. He was a trooper about it (mainly because no one was around to see him on this secluded street) and made two trips to the warehouse with me to get them to their new home with us.

He begrudgingly agreed that these are very cool finds for the tree lawn. Have I converted him? What should be do with these babies? I’m thinking clean them up and upholster the doors and sell as is? they are so cute, thanks Grand River neighbor. #Gojunk

Working with electrical insulators

Maybe you’ve seen the photos on Pinterest of the electrical insulators made into pendant lights? We saw those too and thought for sure we could do something great with them also. We grabbed some blue insulators that we had in the warehouse that we scored on a pick and put Doug to work. He carefully drilled through the top of each of them and now they are perfect for light fixtures. This one he rigged up on a hall tree that we made for a client using plumbing pipe and flanges.

We also turned several into pendant light fixtures but those flew out of the shop before we could photograph them for the blog. We are always on the lookoput for discarded electrical insulators in all colors and shapes and just recently scored some from the ReStore in Kent. Stay tuned for projects featuring those new finds. #GoJunk!

Film Reel Lights

A customer of ours stopped into the warehouse a couple of weeks ago and dropped off some outdoor light fixtures that they thought we could use. The box sat for a week or so and Janice and Doug took them home and worked some magic. They paired the black sconce light with a vintage film reel for a one of a kind wall sconce.

Not be outdone, I took two vintage film reels and attached them a base that we scored from a lamp store and viola! super cute table lamp for a movie/rec room.

Janice and Doug got back at it again an made a pendant light out of the other vintage film reel we had in the warehouse. You’ll have to stop by and check that one out at the shop. All of these fixtures were very easy to create using some imagination, inspiration and a few vintage items we had laying around. Get some some and go try it yourself! #GoJunk!


Just Junkin Around in Wayne County

One of our first few team picks was a former airplane hangar at the University of Akron Wayne Campus. This was a storage facility at the university from the now defunct aviation program. The plan for the vacant building was demolition to make way for a new grand entrance to the campus. I toured the building while it was full of contents prior to demolition and noticed all of the good junk that I needed to have. Items such as electric insulators, doors, windows, old farmhouse furniture and machinery. These items came from the demolition of the old farm on the site. We purchased the salvage rights for these items from the demolition contractor and got to pickin. This is my first attempt at shooting some video during a pick. You’ll see the piles of treasures and some of our crew getting down and dirty. Generally we go in with a plan and divide and conquer. Just click on the video title below and enjoy! Go Junk!

Wayne County Ohio pick