Vintage Defined

We meet a ton of wonderful folks from all different walks of life through the warehouse sales and the different markets and shows that we do over the year. One cute young lady, in her twenties I would guess, was walking through our booth at the Cleveland Flea one weekend with her mother browsing what we had to offer. Our typical description of our wares includes terms such as “vintage, reclaimed and sometimes antiques”. This particular young lady was commenting to her mother that out items are not vintage because she remembers that her mother had them when she was growing up. She also commented that the wood we called reclaimed wood was not reclaimed at all it was just pallet wood. This prompted me to do a wee bit of research the validate what I already had known these terms to mean prior to calling our items “vintage” and educate myself further on what types of items we have in the warehouse. The next couple of blog posts from us will attempt to define what various terms mean with respect to our inventory and inventory at other shops and boutiques. Let’s take vintage for the first lesson….

Vintage is described across the board as items between 40-100 years old, so clearly all of these items are vintage. The age on these babies range from the 1920’s through the 1960’s but all vintage, not yet antique. This applies to clothes and accessories also. This is just a sampling of our vintage wares at the shop. Not everything we have is vintage, some are antiques, some is reclaimed junk and some is retro but it all has a story and all are unique pieces. I have never felt the need to be an expert on any of the items that we carry, I just know what I like to look at and what looks good together.

Circling back to our lovely mother and daughter shopping couple from earlier, I’m quite sure that her mother was just a wee bit over 40 years old so quite possibly the items they were remarking on at our booth were in fact vintage.

Next time we will delve into antiques or maybe reclaimed items, there is so much junk to choose from! Bringing items in for our customers that makes them say “wow” and “I remember these” brings them back to another time and place is just good fun and we all need a little fun in our lives. #gojunk!