There is something you should know about me. I’m not an expert about anything. That goes for ironstone and anything else I collect really. We have built our business on architectural salvage and vintage finds and what works us is collecting what we like. So I guess I am an expert at what I like for our home and I’m sure you are too.

Let’s talk ironstone shall we? A while back I jumped on the collecting ironstone bandwagon and I don’t really remember why. I love the patina and history behind it but I really think for me it’s the thrill of finding the items at a really good price. This cake stand I found while thrifting and I couldn’t grab it fast enough. It’s not marked which is not a huge issue, not all ironstone is marked. It also has a chip on the base which I love. It’s not super heavy which indicates it may be a more recent piece but I love it nonetheless. Again, not an expert but I don know what some of the markings should look like and this is one example from one of my pieces:

There are so many makers markings but once you start to look for them it’s fun to find some and research the heck out of it (I was a history major at one time can you tell?). Right now my collection lives in the dining room in an old shipping crate turned sideways and around the house, we use all of our items when we can. Some collect mail and keys and some hold other small collectibles. Here is quick snap of the collection where it lives currently.

If you are more of an expert than I am, and I suspect you are, tell me all of the things! What type do you collect, what was your best find and educate me on all the ironstone things! While we are at it, any idea what this sweet dish/platter is called????? thanks friends! Talk soon