Dining Room Table Restyle

Creating spaces you love in central areas in your home is so important to making your home feel comfortable and decorated to fit the season! The following video provides an example of how to style a dining tablescape with old and new pieces alike, mixing and matching neutral year-round elements with the brighter orange and yellow hues of fall. When working with a large, flat surface, it is crucial to remember to add dimension, height, and layers to your work. Adding structured pieces like vases, pitchers, and risers can make your holiday decor speak for itself and can force smaller pieces that tend to get lost in the scene to be elevated and catching to the eye. It is also imperative that you start with a good base – the bottom of the layout is often the determinant to creating a solid and cohesive display, so choose your foundation wisely! Cutting boards, large bowls, or even gramophone lids like used below are all great options to utilize for the first piece of your tablescape. Watching the tutorial below to get more tips on styling fall pieces with your everyday decor and learn tablescaping techniques that can be utilized all year round!

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Bookshelf Restyle

Happy fall everyone! One of the best ways to welcome a new season is to refresh a space in your home, whether it be with seasonal decor you’ve collected over the years or completely new pieces that you have yet to find! In this video, Amy is refreshing the bookshelf in her sitting room using a combination of year-round pieces and more autumnal elements that really pull the space together given the time of year. When working with tiered spaces, it is important to stagger your items both in terms of depth and in height to allow the eye to follow a unique pattern as it scans the collection of items. It’s also good to remember the significance of color – don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with oranges and dark greens that can really draw in the essence of fall! Watch for your own styling inspiration as each shelf is uniquely staged and outfitted with this assortment of vintage finds! You can grab similar vintage finds on our website https://shopschoolhousesalvage.com/