January Weekend Warehouse Sale

January for me is a time to strip away the holiday decorations and freshen up the house.  I like to add a couple new items to get me through the dreary Ohio winter.  This month for our monthly weekend warehouse sale we have pulled together some new finds, created some new pieces with salvaged materials and freshened up some old pieces with paint and amazing lettering.

Check out some of this months looks:

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Plan a visit out to see us this weekend, Friday January 20 6-8PM, Saturday January 21, 9-2 and Sunday January 22 11-3. We are located at 7533 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio.

Iron Orchid Designs – Decor Transfers

One of the new products lines we will be stocking in our store, hopefully by our January OPEN weekend (January 20-22) are the Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Decor Transfers and other accessories.  We’ve tried these transfers and are amazed by the quality and the result.  You can watch the application process here:

We have put a selection of these transfers in our Amazon store if you’d like to order them before they arrive in shop.  Here is the link to our Amazon store:


Watch our workshop schedule to join us in learning how to apply these transfers in person!

Reintroducing Our Salvage Decor Kits – Mentor Warehouse

We are reintroducing our salvage kit program!  Offering a Premium Salvage Décor Kit available all year long and a periodic seasonal box.  Included in each kit will be unique home décor items, an assortment of salvaged, vintage and new goodies, to create vignettes and displays for the home.  Each box comes with an instruction card providing ideas for using the kit contents.

Our first Seasonal Salvage Décor Kit will be available for sale on September 16, 2016 and available for pick up in store or shipping on October 1, 2016 for $30/kit, pre-paid. The Premium Salvaged Décor Kit is available all year long for sale and pick up or shipping.

To pre-order either the Premium Home Décor Kit or the first Seasonal Home Décor Kit, our Fall kit, head over to our Shopify store at:  – click on the shop tab.

Our customers loved these kits when they first debuted in 2015 so we have brought them back.  Get in on this opportunity to join this exclusive club for yourself or for an amazing gift for someone special.

Be sure to subscribe to our social media channels @citysalvagementor on both Facebook and Instagram and get sneak peaks of the kit contents as the premiere date approaches.

One of My Dirty Little Secrets

Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about when I say “Monica’s Secret Closet”? If you don’t, check out this link for a refresher:

Who has a little tucked away place like this at home? I hope all of you say yes, even my super clean freak (in the nicest way) sister Wendy.  I’m going to share mine with you.

We have lived in our house for about 12 years now with this charming two story barn in the back.  We have never used it for anything other than a junk closet.  We tried a couple years back to make it usable studio space for painting projects, didn’t work.  We store all sorts of crap out there, space heaters, patio furniture, old beds, used paints, forgotten projects for the store, kids junk, squirrels, mice and chipmunks. We talked last year about converting it to a she shed for a hang out space for the kids but life happened and more junk got shoved out there.  This year WE ARE DOING IT! We have had it 90% cleaned out by my shop helpers and we are ready to renovate.

What I need from you are ideas.  We want to know what projects you would like to see done in this space.  Think  -project house for all of us to try some ideas and we will share projects and progress along the way.  Email us some ideas at or post some ideas to our Pinterest board “Big Red Barn” at:

We are excited to hear what you would do with this space, you guys have such great ideas on using reclaimed materials in our shop.  This weekend we are finishing demo, next week we are starting to plan the interior finishes.  Also, should it stay red or does it need a color change? Our house is pale yellow with black shutters and turquoise front door.  Thanks!


Quick and Easy Furniture Transformations

We get asked quite frequently in our warehouses which paint we prefer and why.  We sell several different paint lines and they are all good for specific purposes.  For quick and easy furniture transformations I go every time to our Vintage Farmhouse Distressing Paint.  This is a pre-mixed liquid paint that we carry that is similar to various chalk type paint brands on the market. We carry almost 30 different colors in this line and each and every one is gorgeous.

There are a few simple steps we follow every time we update a dated piece of furniture in our shops.  Proper preparation of the piece is key no matter what paint you choose to use.  We scrub all of of our items with a mild soap solution first and dry thoroughly.  Almost every piece gets a quick sanding to rough up the surface.  This doesn’t have to be a back breaking process, just give the surface of the piece some texture.  Tack cloths are great to wipe down the dusty, sanded surface prior to paint.  Now off to the fun part, painting!

Select a comfortable, natural bristle brush of good quality to ensure a nice even coat of paint.  Vintage Farmhouse Distressing paint is best applied in a light even first coat and dries in about 15 minutes.  Use a fine grit sanding block after the first coat and tack cloth again to grab the dust.  Apply the second coat (and third coat to achieve your desired look) and let dry again.  At this point I almost always distressing the piece, sometime quite a bit, sometimes very lightly.  I find it’s easiest to distress using a medium grit sanding block and hit the places on the furniture where it would naturally wear, corners, around handles and edges.

Using a tack cloth after you finishing distressing to prepare the surface of the paint for a top coat.  This type of paint always has to be sealed after painting.  The type of finish will depend largely on the intended use of the furniture.  Clear wax is great for surfaces that are not going to see much use such as side tables, frames and tables and dresses that won’t see much use.  For high traffic surfaces we suggest something a little more durable such as our General Finishes products, High Performance Top Coat or Arm R Seal, or our Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat.

Vintage Farmhouse Distressing Paint is a great option for a quick update to your furniture that can be completed in one afternoon.  You can grab this paint and supplies in either of our warehouses or on our website and start your DIY project today.

Have you tried out paint?  do you love it? tell us what your tricks are and what you have found to work on your projects.

For additional information or instruction come in and see us at our shops in Amherst and Mentor, Ohio.