Bookshelf Restyle

My favorite thing to do is to move all the things around our house. It drives everyone else nuts but I love to have a fresh things to look at. Here is a before of the bookshelves in our sun room (after I spent an hour dusting everything to take a photo:).

For this restyle we wanted to add a little St. Patrick’s day decor and change it up a bit. We mixed in some new items (you can see what items we have for sale in the collection here along with some of the goodies already on the shelves. Both of these looks are similar but with a couple swaps they look a bit different. We swapped out the art for a clock and the metal box for a soup tureen.

Then we had some fun changing up all of the little groupings by adding different containers and filler. This is the best part, you can change this up everyday if you want! I keep all sorts of small decor items in a cabinet for this very purpose!

Once you get all of your goodies laid out you will have a ton of fun making all sorts of vignettes. Think about using odd ball filler for containers like adding the cardboard shuttlecock tube which has a great green color and is a bit unexpected. My other favorite happy accident is using the plastic viewfinder as little riser for the milk glass. So fun! Most of the items used here are for sale in the Shop the Look collection found at this link. We have so much fun doing these for you, hope you found a little inspiration to freshen up your space!