Displaying your collections

We are always looking for interesting ways to display our vintage collections in our homes and in the shop. We came across this fabulous cubby and decided we would show you how we would style this at home. Here she is in all of her glory….

This cubby works perfectly to stack on an existing piece of furniture our even on your kitchen counter, think outside the box here. You can use this guy anywhere and display an awesome collection. You can check this guy out including dimensions through this link to purchase. From here we started layering something tall to the left and in this case it was a fabulous chippy column base and one of our open wire cloches. Inside that cloche lives a little chippy bunny and a vintage biscuit jar. This spot is perfect to change out whenever the mood strikes, which with me is weekly:) You can grab the cubby here https://schoolhousesalvage.commentsold.com/collections/shopthelook

After we had the right height on the left we started to add little items to the cubbies that we loved, these can be anything you have or you can shop the littles we used here through this link. For the sake of this example we kept it pretty simple an balanced but you could fill up the whole dang cubby if you want to, whatever looks good to your eye! This first area we tackled was the space in the opening underneath which is perfect for a stack of restaurant ware platters.

Next up were the individual cubbies. I like to start from left to right for some reason but do it anyway you like. For this collection I was trying to keep it to green and white, Easter and a little St. Patrick’s Day vibe.

Next up we worked on the top with a pitcher to the right and little mirror. This balances the tall cloche on the bottom left. from there we filled in the rest of the cubbies. Shop the products used here: https://schoolhousesalvage.commentsold.com/collections/shopthelook

We finished off the look with a frame leaning in front and couple other little layer items.

Here is the finished look. You can get all of these goodies and more that we thought would be fabulous and just didn’t use.

We had so much fun creating this look, check out the new Shop the Look collection next Monday! Grab all of these goodies here: https://schoolhousesalvage.commentsold.com/collections/shopthelook