Our Family Favorite Dinner

Making and serving dinner for a family of six every night is exhausting. It;s not just the preparing of the meal but the actual thinking of what to make so I don’t hear complaints from my people.  This dish has been a hit for us from day one.  I first found the recipe on Rachel Rays 30 Minute Meals and have adapted it form there to fit our family’s needs.  I found a good recipe that closely matches what I make here:


We call it Cowboy Spaghetti and it starts with bacon so it’s amazing of course.  After browning the bacon and removing from the pan to be saved for garnish, the rest of the ingredients go in and simmer for a one-pot sauce.  Add cooked noodles and top with bacon, cheese and green onion.  A fan favorite.

I’m telling you, make this tonight! It’s fast and delicious.