Please use the china!

How many of you have a box of dishes stored away waiting for something? Maybe they were handed down from grandma, mom, mother in law or a great aunt. Maybe you just saw them at a shop and had to have them for yourself? I have no less than six full sets of china in my house (don’t judge). I also collect all of the discarded china at thrift stores and estate sales. Why? because is gorgeous, it’s timeless, it’s amazing quality and most importantly it’s piece of history.

The most common reason I hear from your shop customers as to why they are in boxes and not being used? They are so hard to care for. I say use the china! wash it in your dishwasher on the fine china setting and love dangerously! Enjoy these heirloom pieces everyday and get them out of boxes and into your cupboards and hutches. It’s a great way to do a little something special for yourself and make eating a meal more fun and fancy. I have four kids and we use the china everyday. Does it break? sure, sometimes but wouldn’t you rather use it enjoy it instead of it collecting dust in a box?

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