Dining Room Table Remake

Our dining table has seen 10 years of art projects and family dinners and was looking a bit worse for wear on the top. I liked the style of the table and there was nothing structurally wrong with it so I decided to give the top a coat of paint.  Here is the top before…

I sanded off some of the dried globs of paint and went to town using the chalk paint we sell at our stores in a color called Copula, which is a whiteish grey color.

The paint goes on really smoothly and dries in about ten minutes.  This table top got two coats

Next up was the wax coat using a clear, soft wax and wax brush.  The wax gets brushed on and buffed off. This was the perfect project to try my new Ryobi buffer that I picked up at the Home Depot.  It worked much better for me than buffing this large table by hand with a rag.  We sell attachments for a hand drill with a buffing brush at our shops, but this I had at home and it worked so well.

This is the finished table top and I love the way it turned out.  Start to finish this took me about two hours.

Come and check out our painting, distressing and finishing supplies that we have in stock at both of our shops. Such an easy way to update a piece that you may have fallen out of love with.